About the Author

Josh Burker was privileged to spend some of his early years near his grandfather, who had a giant carriage shop with countless tools, many of which he taught Josh to safely use at a young age. By second grade he could be found in the garage using a jig saw to cut out Ivanhoe shields and to craft nunchucks from dowels and chain. His interest in woodworking grew and included a January Plan during college spent woodworking. He also organized and co-facilitated a six month long automata workshop that combined woodworking and engineering skills with 3D design and printing.

A LEGO manic since Kindergarten, Josh grew up in a household with many brothers and many LEGO bricks. His LEGO WeDo Scratch Phonograph, first conceived and built at Constructing Modern Knowledge Summer Institute, was published in MAKE: Magazine volume 35. He loves the versatility of LEGO bricks combined with the engineering limitations imposed by the material. Josh has become very interested in 3D design and 3D printing the past couple of years. He marvels at being able to create parts he needs rather than conforming his designs to what connectors or parts are available. He started his foray into 3D printing by completing the build of a MakerBot Thing-O- Matic printer kit and continues to fine tune it to this day.

Josh has been teaching for 15 years and is currently a teacher at an independent day school where he works with students and teachers in grades K-5. Josh also works at a local library maker space, with home schooled students, and at Scratch Day events, leading maker workshops exploring the intersection of technology and crafting. Josh lives in Connecticut with his wife and young son, who loves working on projects with his dada. He holds a Master of Arts in Educational Technology from Pepperdine University and a Bachelors of Arts from Colby College.

You can find him online at http://joshburker.blogspot.com or on twitter @joshburker.