The Invent To Learn Guide to Fun

The Invent To Learn Guide to Fun leads teachers, parents, and kids of all ages through a series of projects designed for maximum learning and fun!

Thirteen projects explore innovative software, hardware, and upcycled materials. Combine simple electronics with LEGO bricks, 3D printing with clay tiles, computers with cardboard, and more.

Who wants to have fun?

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“Perpetual” Marble Machine

Josh watched a group of young makers at the Westport Library construct a potentially perpetual Marble Machine during a week-long workshop he facilitated at the Westport Library. You, too, can recreate a rich constructionist project such as this! Read Josh’s book for inspiration, then get making!  

Find Fun Resources

The Invent To Learn Guide to Fun is packed with great projects that use many different resources: software, hardware, up cycled materials both familiar and brand new! Learn more about the resources used in the projects found in this book on the Resources page of this website.