The Invent to Learn Guide to More Fun

The Invent to Learn Guide to More Fun features an all new assortment of insanely clever classroom-tested “maker” projects for learners of all ages. In the second volume of this popular book, Josh Burker is back with even more projects for educators and parents who want to make learning fun! The projects feature step-by-step instructions, full-color photos, open-ended challenges, and code. Make STEAM come to life with projects that promote learning in the modern world.

Learn to decorate your favorite jacket with light, make multimedia pinball and marble machines, tinker with LEGO gears and gadgets, sew with programmable stitches, program 3D printed objects, turn geometry into sidewalk art, make interactive art with microcontrollers, and more!

Your Makey Makey, LEGO, old computer, recycled junk, and 3D printer will be put to good use in these fun and educational projects. With The Invent To Learn Guide to More Fun in hand, kids, parents, and teachers are invited to embark on even more exciting and fun learning adventures!

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