Coming Fall 2022! The Invent To Learn Guide to the micro:bit

Constructing Modern Knowledge Press is working hard to finish an exciting new project book for educators and parents interested in STEAM & STEM! The Invent To Learn Guide to the micro:bit combines coding, craft, and creativity to teach physical computing, engineering, computer science, and electronics to young people ages 8-16.

Millions of the miraculous low-cost microcontroller development board, the BBC micro:bit, are in use across the globe. This new book takes a comprehensive approach to teaching children to make and code exciting interactive projects using the micro:bit as its “brain board.” This book expands the range of what often happens in classrooms.

The Invent To Learn Guide to the micro:bit invites learners to create dozens of simple-to-complex, open-ended, hands-on projects using one or more micro:bits, upcycled junk, and craft supplies. Microsoft’s MakeCode block-based programming environment is used to bring your interactive inventions to life. Powerful computer science skills are developed by programming projects that appeal to girls and boys. The code used in each project is fully explained and young inventors are challenged to build upon their emerging computational fluency in increasingly complex projects. [More info below]

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Inspiration for Deep Learning

The Invent To Learn Guide to the micro:bit is built upon the intellectual traditions of project-based learning and constructionism. Readers are provided with just enough inspiration and explanation to make projects, and the resulting knowledge, their own. The book may be used as a resource for creative teachers looking for inspiration or as the basis for a semester-long course of study.

Book Features

Each project includes both making and coding with at least one micro:bit

Democratizing computer science by appealing to a wide variety of students and teachers

Projects are open-ended, personal, & customizable

Students learn computing principles by programming

Debugging strategies


Thorough and developmentally appropriate explanations of real block-based computer programs

Most projects use the popular micro:bit V1, while many projects have adaptations for the new V2 micro:bit

Sample Projects

RC cars & boats

Doll hacking

Musical fruit

Handheld computer games

Interactive holiday decorations

Drawing robots

Game controllers

Wearable computing

Building probes, collecting, and analyzing data

Scratch, Python, and the micro:bit

A must-read for:

  • Educators
  • School leaders
  • Preservice teachers
  • Teacher educators
  • Policymakers
  • Librarians
  • Technology developers
  • Parents

About the authors

Pauline Maas
After her studies (Textile and Dutch educator) in Delft, Pauline worked in Information Technology (ICT) at a variety of companies, learning on the job, and often as the only woman employed in ICT. After twenty years she decided that “If I want more female colleagues, I have to teach them.” She started her own company 4PIP, teaching ICT and technology in schools and giving workshops for teachers. She noticed that there were not many coding books for children, and in 2008, her first book about GameMaker was published. More books followed about coding and how to implement coding in your school (CodeKlas). Since 2018 she has been the EU Coding Ambassador and is organizing CodeWeek in The Netherlands.

Two days a week she is an ICT teacher at Royal Visio (a school for visually impaired students where she is implementing the Coding Curriculum). The rest of the week she is writing, giving lectures and workshops, and having fun with making lots and lots of projects.

For her, the micro:bit is the best way to implement computational thinking at schools and is the perfect way for people of all ages to make, invent, learn, code, solve problems, work together, persevere—and have fun!

Peter Heldens
Peter graduated as Master Computer Science Engineer at the Eindhoven University of Technology and has worked at Microsoft Netherlands for the past 10 years. His motto is, “The only limitation is your own inspiration!”

Using his passion for technology, he gives Innovation Workshops in which he inspires participants to build gadgets and Internet of Things (IoT) devices using accessible open-source software and hardware. The workshops have inspired people from 8 to 80 years old to work with 3D printers, IoT devices, microcontrollers, and modern programming methods.

About CMK Press

Constructing Modern Knowledge Press (CMK Press) is a publishing company for books that celebrate learning by doing, written by experts in their fields. Our flagship book, Invent To Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom, started a classroom maker movement that has swept the globe. The lineup of books now includes leadership, technology, classroom practice, and young makers sharing their passion and expertise.

CMK Press is run by Gary Stager and Sylvia Martinez and is part of CMK Futures, creating resources and professional development for educators.

Available from and bookstores (via Ingram) in September 2022.