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by Sylvia Libow Martinez and Gary S. Stager
An all new and expanded edition of the book called “the bible of the Maker Movement in classrooms,” Invent To Learn has become the most popular book for educators seeking to understand how modern tools and technology can revolutionize education. (Paperback | Kindle | Hardcover | Details)

Japanese edition | Korean edition | Dutch edition

by Josh Burker
The Invent To Learn Guide to More Fun is a second volume of insanely clever classroom-tested “maker” projects for learners of all ages. Make learning modern and fun with coding, microcontrollers, 3D printing, LEGO machines, and more! The projects feature step-by-step instructions and full-color photos.   (Available in Paperback | Details)

by Chrisa Flores
Anthropologist turned science and making teacher Christa Flores shares her classroom tested lessons and resources for learning by making and design in the middle grades and beyond. Richly illustrated with examples of student work, this book offers project ideas, connections to the new Next Generation Science Standards, assessment strategies, and practical tips for educators. (Available in Paperback | Kindle | Ebook/E-pub | Details)

by Alice Baggett
This full color book packed with photos is a practical guide for primary school educators who want to inspire their students to embrace a tinkering mindset so they can invent fantastic contraptions. Veteran teacher Alice Baggett shares her expertise in how to create hands-on learning experiences for young inventors so students experience the thrilling process of making—complete with epic fails and spectacular discoveries. (Paperback Details)

by David Loader
Remarkably candid reflections by one of the most consequential school leaders of the past 50 years. (Paperback | Kindle Details)

“This is a book that will go to your inner consciousness and make a difference in how you think about your own role as leader.” – from the foreword by Michael Fullan

Edited by Paulo Blikstein, Sylvia Libow Martinez, Heather Allen Pang
Project ideas, articles, best practices, and assessment strategies from educators at the forefront of making and hands-on, minds-on education. (Available in Paperback | Hardcover | Details)

by Josh Burker
Insanely clever classroom technology projects come to life with innovative software and hardware, upcycled material, and your imagination. Combine simple electronics with LEGO bricks, 3D printing with clay tiles, computers with cardboard, and let the fun begin! (Details)

by Sylvia “Super-Awesome” Todd
14-year-old YouTube star Super-Awesome Sylvia introduces young makers to programming and hardware using the Arduino micro controller. (Details)

by David Thornburg, Norma Thornburg, and Sara Armstrong
This book is an essential guide for educators interested in bringing the amazing world of 3D printing to their classrooms.(Paperback | Kindle | Details)

Korean edition | Traditional Chinese

by Roger C. Schank Roger Schank has had it with the stupid, lazy, greedy, cynical, and uninformed forces setting outrageous education policy, wrecking childhood, and preparing students for a world that will never exist. No sacred cow is off limit – even some species you never considered. The short essays in this book will make you mad, sad, argue with your friends, and take action. (Paperback | Kindle | Details)

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